Here we would like to showcase some of the amazing people and organizations we have had the opportunity to work with! Without these gifted individuals and organizations we could not have accomplished all that we have. 

  1.  "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Sarah Martin

Sarah is a current Environmental Health Specialist at The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo. She has her B.S. in Environmental Studies: Communication, Culture & Writing with a minor in Recreation Resource & Protected Land Management. She is always progressing and now currently in the Dietetics Program at Buffalo State College! Some of Sarah's passions are nutrition, sustainable communities and environmental health. Outside of work and school some of her interests are reading, writing, crafts and camping! The Wellness Institute would not be the same without Sarah's tenacity and positive personality!  

Jackie James Creedon

Jackie was the "whistle blower" of the pollution being given off by Tonawanda Coke. Ever since, she has made it her duty to inform communities about chemicals and pollution in their neighborhoods. Jackie is the Founder & Board Member of Citizen Science Community Resources: An organization that promotes and educates on environmental and public health.